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Tamiya Paint Database – German WWII Colours – AFVs

The Tamiya Paint Database was created as a way to demonstrate the Microsoft FrontPage Access Database Wizard back in the spring of 2000. Originally, anyone could add formulas to the database, and for a while, all was good. Sadly, much time was later required to weed out false entries, and after a while, the DB was taken down.  Now it has been restored and more mixes have been added.

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the mixes listed, we cannot test them all. That said, we recommend that you test your own small sample before making a batch large enough to paint a 1/24 scale aircraft. If you do find an error in a formula, please contact us.


RAL 7021 German Panzer Grey 1 (Dark)  XF-63:7


RAL 7021 German Panzer Grey 2 (Light)  XF-63:7 + XF-2:3
RAL 7028 German Dark Yellow  XF60:7 + XF2:3
RAL 7028 German Dark Yellow, End of War – XF-20:1 + XF-2:4 + 1 tiny drop of red
RAL 8000 German Africa Yellow XF-49:8 + X-6:1 + XF-2:2
RAL 6003 WW2 German Dark Green  XF-61:7 + XF-60:3
RAL 8017 WW2 German Red Brown XF-64:8 + XF-49:2

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    Every time I look to your pages for colors surprise me every moment no matter what aircraft or tanks I’m looking for I want to find a particular color and is there if you guys did a good job. Honestly thinking to everybody that did this thank you very much and I’ll go to peaceful and enjoy my paintings have a nice day made it when being in your back

    1. admin

      Thanks! We try our best!

      1. Jeff

        So the late war dark yellow RAL 7028 for armor wasn’t yellow at all but grey? The primary color listed for it is XF-20, which is Tamiya medium grey.

      2. Rafael Gonzales

        You guys change some of your colors they’re much more better keep up the good work. The time I come back here every so often you guys are surprisingly more and more thank you very much for all the information you have given answer everyone else too God bless

  2. Rafael Gonzales

    Imagine United Kingdom British they have a lot of colors let me do they have that many colors for for different areas of Mediterranean and the ocean I don’t know if they have those kind of colors here and I’m happy that I found them happy you guys made them too so great it’s great I love this keep on coming

  3. Rafael Gonzales

    And here I am thinking that nobody has these colors of the Middle East and they’re new to so much color it’s great now if I’m going to find a tank. Thank you once again can’t wait till the build one and paint it thanks for the help

  4. Distant-star

    What was ral7028 used on? please… thx for your mixing data base….And as for the rest of you, proof read what you write and punctuate

  5. Caleb

    Thanks for all your work but I believe my matches of three of the RAL colours are much better than the main article earlier above. My formulae as follows: (prior to any lightening scale effects)
    RAL 6003 is XF58:three + XF2:one
    RAL 8012 is XF7:four + XF9:four + XF2:one
    RAL 8017 is XF9:three + XF64:one.
    Hope this helps, (The XF64 is certainly a strong brown.)
    RAL 7028 late war / very late war, I use the same formula as listed, but without the red drop, and increase the XF2 for scale effects.

  6. Steven C. REITER

    I need the paint code/color for the Monogram Rommel’s Rod. A German dessert yellow, I think. Most yellows seem a bit off for dessert warfare. This is the ONLY military of any kind I have.
    Can anyone help me.?

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