You are currently viewing Video – HMCS Warrior flight ops in colour

Video – HMCS Warrior flight ops in colour

HMCS Warrior was a Royal Navy Colossus class aircraft carrier which was loaned to the Royal Canadian Navy from 1946 to 1948. This video, shot in colour, provides great reference of RCN air operations in the Caribbean. 

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  1. Rafael Gonzales

    I really I really do not know that the Canadians still had warships and aircraft I like this this internet thing here this app I’m learning more and more about it and I never seen it thank you very much I’m learning more about this have a nice day

  2. Rafael Gonzales

    Never knew the Canadians had a a Navy branch I wish they had more color more shit more tanks even the infantry kind of uniform they wear what colors were they the vehicles the planes finding out more and more about this and it’s great thank you

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